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Authors Festival

Huntington Beach Authors Festival


The Friends of the Children's Library Author's Festival returned for its 26th year  on Jan. 28 with nearly two dozen authors making presentations at local schools.


The 23 participating authors were spread among 14 public and private schools throughout Huntington Beach. We all convene at the Huntington Beach Central Library at 2:30 p.m. for a reception and contest awards!


Thank you to Gail Page, chair of the event,  for coordinating everything and inviting me along! It was a great day!

Assembly in Huntington Beach!

School Assembly

At College View Elementary!Had a great assembly at College View Elementary! Thank you to the teacher of this wonderful class, Kathleen Young ! Thank you so much to Gail Page for inviting me to the  Huntington Beach Authors Festival which made my visit possible!

Towards the Restless Winds out this month!

Book two, Towards the Restless Winds comes out this month! Find out what happens next to Fadin and Tase!


 From the Writers Desk,


    Meadow Griffin

Ever Wanted to be a Fantasy Character?


Have you ever imagined yourself as a mermaid? A goblin? A fairy? Well now you don't have to imagine! I do custom paintings and can make you whatever fantasy character you can think of! Please visit our "Want To Be A Fantasy Character" page to see some of my work!


 Its only $50.00 plus shipping and handling! If you are interested please contact me at meadowgriffin@yahoo.com.


 From the Writers Desk,


 Meadow Griffin

Face Painting


I now have started face painting! It is fun for me and fun for you! Please check out our face painting page! I do parties too!


 Also, I am up in Big Bear face painting every weekend on Pine Knot Avenue, at Dreamlight Designs, a wonderful store where you can create your own candles, soaps and so much more! Please stop in and visit us!


 I will be face painting for Halloween up in Big Bear Village too, incase you would like a great face without the mask.


 From the Writers Desk,


Meadow Griffin

Book 3


 So, I have been working on writing this week, and I am now on chapter 14, of book 3. It's going along very well. As always the characters have taken on a life of their own and have lead me in different directions then I was planning. I think that's one of my favorite parts though.

From the Writers Desk,


News on Book Two

  Hello again everyone! So it’s getting nearer, book two is on its way. I just sent all my illustrations to Olympia, and I have already worked with my editor on the proofs. Corrections have been made, the illustrations are being put into place, and the front and back cover art are done! It’s moving forward very quickly, and at the moment the tentative date for release is looking like early summer. Legends of Erin: Towards the Restless Winds is truly coming soon!


  Best to you all!


 From the Writers Desk,


   Meadow Griffin


   Hi things, hi! Books Two IS COMING! Waits till you reads about all the greats things I do! I is a regular hero, and I gets to drives a car! Well . . . sorts of, you has to reads the story and see! It’s coming soon! It’s coming soon!




Selling in Big Bear

Hello everyone! I clearly need to get better at this, I am not a very good blogger. A lot has happened since my last post, one of the biggest is that I am now up in Big Bear every weekend, Saturday and Sunday. I have a booth where I sell Legends of Erin: Beyond the Castle Door, as well as products from the story. We have everything from Dragon’s teeth necklaces to Troll Spit. We carry all your magical needs, provided from the magical world, right to your non-magic hands. So stop by our little store, we are located on Pine Knot Ave, in the courtyard by the Christmas Store. We hope to see you!


From the Writers Desk,


Meadow Griffin


 Hi’s things! Its Ciaran, incases you don’ts know. I wants to tell you that I be’s up there too, in the little courtyards . . . every’s single weekend . . .and don’ts let little writer girl fool you, I brings most products, she does nothing, besides sits down and tell stories. I is the one who catches them nasty pixies, puts them in jarses, and gives them moss. I is the one who provides all those goblin tears, and them things sells like hot cakes. Remembers, goblins is very useful when you wants something hards to get! See you things there!



Teen Writers Bootcamp first and second day!

Hello everyone! Well I am doing my second bootcamp this week, from Monday-Friday. The first two days have gone great! We have covered characters, background events, creating a scene, and using the five senses to bring your readers into your story.



All of my students are wonderful! I love all their unique imaginations and ideas! What a great group! Can't wait to see what they will write tomorrow!


Thank you Kim for making this program possible!

2nd Teen Writers Bootcamp!

My second Teen Writers Bootcamp is coming up! It will be at the Tustin Library, July 23rd-27th at 3pm.


Anyone who would like to come either contact me or Kim the Teen Librarian.


Library Number :

(714) 544-7725



Tustin Library
345 E. Main Street

Tustin, CA 92780


Art Fair!

So, if you looked on my news page you will see that I am going to an art fair in Idyllwild this Saturday! It’s going to be occurring at The Creek House from 11am-3pm!


I will be there selling my art work and novel! I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off whipping out more paintings to sell! I feel like a painting machine, haha.


If anyone would like to come, I'd love to see you!


From The Writers Desk,


Meadow Griffin



First Teen Writer's Bootcamp!

Hello everyone!

Wow, so I had my first Teen Writers Bootcamp at the Rancho Santa Margarita Library, July 11th-13th. It could not have gone better. The teens were great, attentive, and all had wonderful imaginations! I cannot believe some of the incredible story's that came out of these young people's minds!


The class was for three days, and 2 hours a day. The first day we focused on my writing experience, authors who inspired me, and character development. The teens were asked to make up their own either hero or villain, and they did fantastic!


The second day we dove into dialogue, and plot structure. The teens wrote a scene with dialogue (all excellent!) and then went home and were told to write a short story no less than 500 words.


The third day the teens shared their short stories, and WOW, they all did amazing jobs! Then we talked about getting published and the steps to take.


All in all it was fantastic!


Thank you Julie Fitch for the marvelous idea, support, belief in my abilities, and just making it possible! Thank you RSM Library for allowing a young author to do a program! Thank you mom for every bit of help you gave me! And thank you my wonderful teen class! You were all remarkable!


From The Writers Desk,


Meadow Griffin





So, I saw Diney's Brave, the other day. Such a good movie! I loved it, and the landscape...takes my breath away. I loved the lesson behind the story, to appriciate our family and especially our parents, even if you don't always agree with their choices.

Truly a wonderful film! Gotta love Disney!

School Assembly

  Hey Everyone! I got some great news the other day. I will be having my first school assembly at Olive Elementary on June 6th. I will be talking to the 5th graders from 8:30am-9:15am, the 6th graders from 9:30am-10:15am, and Kindergarten from 10:45am-11:15am.


  There are 160 5th and 6th graders, and I am going to have an opportunity to sell my book to all of them! Plus the principle is going to tell them my book would be there summer reading! How amazing is that?


Olive Elementary,
3038 Magnolia Street,
Orange, CA 92865

Teen Writers

  Hello Everyone!


  I will be holding a "Teen Writers 'Bootcamp'" at the RSM Library from July 9th-13th. Come and spend an hour and a half each day of that week and break down the writing process, explore the creative side of being an author and the parts that are hard work. See how idea's become story's and how story's turn into published books.


   For grades 8-12


  (if you would like to attended please RSVP) meadowgriffin@legendsoferin.com


  I hope to see you there!


   From the Writers Desk,


   Meadow Griffin

Writing the Villian

So, as I was writing last, I have a whole scene with one of my favorite characters. Isn’t it funny that it just so happens to be one of the villains? For some reason I love writing my “evil” characters, I think it is so much fun, probably because they do and say things I never would. I am also a fan of more than one villain in a story. I like tales where there are several “bad” characters, different types, but I think my absolute favorite is a complex antagonist, someone you love to hate, but then there are things about them you like too, despite how difficult they make things for the hero. I hope my villains will be thought of as such.
“I like villains because there's something so attractive about a committed person - they have a plan, an ideology, no matter how twisted. They're motivated.”
Russell Crowe

First School Assembly

  So, I have been calling schools trying to wiggle my way into the school system to start doing school assemblies, and I have my first yes! I will be having the program at Olive Elementary some time in May, as more details are given to me I will keep things up to date!


   From the Writers Desk,


   Meadow Griffin

Tuesday Update

   Good Tuesday to you all. Wow, I really find, as I get older that time just fly's by, doesn't it? This day has slipped through my fingers, kinda like the sand in my hour glass. Sheesh.


  Anyhow, to let you all know I have been in contact with several other libraries who show some potential interest in my programs, so fingers crossed!


  I am also tarrying on with the agent search, we shall see what the road has in store for me. I am hoping a great agent soon, *chuckles* but of course that is like a coin toss in a wishing well. *sigh* But, what’s that saying? Never give up, never surrender!


  Oh, before I forget, I have put some artwork up on the site: www.elfwood.com , it is a great fantasy/scifi art site, love it, been a member for years. I took down most of my old work, so as of now there isn't much up, but I am intending to put more artwork from the series up soon.


   From the Writers Desk,


     Meadow Griffin



Writing on a Rainy Day

 Hello everyone! Ahh, a rainy day. I love the rain, and I find, at least for me, that I get the best inspiriation for my story when the heavens open up and pour out their tears. Mmmmmm.



 I have another chapter in book three completed today, after many hours of work (whew) It is amazing how long the writing process takes, especially if you haven't written in a few days. I always find that I have to go and re-read over everything I had written the last time, get back into the world I have created, and then start to write. Quite time consuming.

 It is truly amazing, I find, how real my characters have become to me. Each has their own personalities, quarks, little things only they do, and I feel when I am writing them that I am not creating what happens, instead only listening and chronicling what has gone on in these characters lives. Especially when I think one thing is going to happen then when I write I find out that something totally different is actually occurring. Got to love the writing process.


 From the Writers Desk,





 "It begins with a character, usually, and once he stands up on his feet and begins to move, all I can do is trot along behind him with a paper and pencil trying to keep up long enough to put down what he says and does." William Faulkner


Children's Program

  Hello Everyone! I want to thank all those who came to my children's program yesterday, and especially thank the Librarians of the Tustin Library who made it possible.


  The program was a definite success, though the children were a bit more in number and enthusiasm then I had anticipated ;) but it was a lot of fun and I look forward to doing another!


 From the Writers Desk,


 Meadow Griffin



Hello Everyone!

 Welcome to the blog page of Legends of Erin. Here I will be posting news, upcoming events, and other information pertaining to the seriese. 

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